Plumber’s Hero Kit

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  • Includes Custom Attachments for Showers, Toilets, Tubs and Sinks
  • Easy to use, no other tools needed
  • Now you can clear drain yourself!
  • Fresh orange scent
  • 20 Uses in EVERY Can


Plumber’s Hero Kit


Plumber’s Hero Drain Unclogging Kit
Clear Troublesome Drains:
-Made to clear drains instantly without the need for plumbing expertise
-Just press down to unclog pipes
-Works through garbage disposals
-20 uses in every can

Works with Diverse Drain Types
Attachments for showers:

-No other tools needed
-Fresh orange scent
-Product dimensions: 12”x3”x7”

Plumbers Hero

下水道堵塞疏通套裝;只要按一下,超簡單操作,有效去除水渠異味,清潔除臭,洗碗盆、洗手盆、 浴缸、企缸、地渠去水口都適用!

  • Plumbers Hero 下水道堵塞疏通套裝
  • 一套包括通渠壓縮氣、橡膠渠口接頭兩個及通渠工具手柄
  • 每套可使用20次,可去除塑膠、PVC、銅及鋼等水渠淤塞
  • 一大一小橡膠渠口接頭, 適合多種大小渠口使用
  • 只要按一下,超簡單操作,有效去除水渠異味,清潔除臭
  • 洗碗盆、洗手盆、 浴缸、企缸、地渠去水口都適用


  • 產品含壓縮氣體, 保存時請遠離兒童
  • 使用前請參閱說明書
  • 請勿直接釋放瓶內的壓縮氣體, 有可能對身體造成傷害
  • 本產品不適合兒童使用





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