Are ikan Waffle Ajaib 23cm

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Waffle Ajaib a

  • FREE recipe books
  • non-stick coating ( non -stick )
  • magnetic holder tight lid handle


Are Ikan Waffle Ajaib 23cm

Now if you wanted to eat waffle , no longer need to buy it outside . You can prepare it yourself at home at any time. Requires only a short time . You can create a waffle with flavors such as vanilla preferred , chocolate , strawberry , honey and other flavors again .

The product quality is remarkable compared to the reference waffle sold in foreign markets . Magnetic shaft will make it watertight . Only then will the resulting waffle beautiful . Inside are two layers of non-stick surface made of Die – Cast Aluminum. Does not stick and does not rust . If respected , the heart must be held captive .


“Waffle Ajaib” is designed for the non-stick coating ( non -stick ) and a magnetic holder tight lid handle to make it easy to make waffles for breakfast, dessert and also during a picnic in a faster time .

This  “Waffle Ajaib” allows you to cook using only ordinary gas stove . When compared to the use of electric waffle , ““Waffle Ajaib” can easily be washed out with water and stored because it is small and does not require a large space .

This product is specially created with designs such as “Flowers” when viewed from the outside and it will be shaped like ” LOVE ” after cooking . Reference volume in allows you to cook with thick waffle results after cooked . You can also cut it into two parts waffle and sweep your favorite flavors like honey , chocolate , peanut butter , ice cream and others .

This product weight 1.8kg ( including recipe books and DVD )







waffle ajaib

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