Are ikan Pan Ajaib

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26-1 (1)

  • Beat taste & Keeping high nutritive value
  • No oil-splattering
  • Less smoke and smell
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pleasant cooking


Another new product image  called the Magic Pan.

  • Multifunctional cooking
  • Can be used for steaming , frying , sauteing , baking and many others
  • Both parts ( upper and lower ) can be used
  • The top cover is shallow and can also be used as a fry pan
  • The bottom is deeper pan various functions

Included in this set is a plate of steaming and steaming rack.

Steaming using Magic Pan can be done in two levels. When the steaming process, the resulting steam will rise to the first floor, then up again to the second level , then steam will move the entire inside of the pan.

Steamed foods in the first and second floors will be cooked throughout .

Weight 2.2kg ( including silicon rubber, Support Steam, Steam Plate, recipe book, DVD )

Pan Ajaib(O) [Converted]a


Pan Ajaib(O) [Converted]b


Pan Ajaib + Kegunaan 2

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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