Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker x 2

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This double-function cell phone anti-radiation sticker helps to reduce your exposure to radiation, while also working to improve your phone’s performance. Your mobile phone connects you to your world and the people you love; but as we rely more and more on these high-tech devices, the more the concern about harmful radiation exposure grows. With the nifty anti-radiation sticker, you can reduce the electromagnetic radiation wave emitted by your phone, by more than 97%! Not only that, the sticker works to reduce your phone’s charge time and prolong its battery life. A must-have for all regular cell phone users.

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By using the modern technology in our daily life, the electromagnetic radiation has affected our health without our notice.

The handset radiation mainly affect our head, and harm our central nervous system. It can cause the problem such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, many dreams and hair loss.  The sticker is processed by adopting a newly developed special material from Japan. It can change the direction of electromagnetic radiation wave and decrease the harmful effect to our brain. This new product has been tested by National Communication Measurement Authority and the (SAR) Absorption rate was reduced by 96.43%.

Cell Phone Radiation Changes DNA

The human body functions on the reproduction of new cells to substitute old, dying cells. Cancer is what happens when abnormal cells begin to reproduce and take over tissues in the body. It is already established that human bodies exposed to constant radiation – cell phone radiation included – can bring about changes in the DNA structure of the cells.

This mutation results in a dysfunctional cell growth rate and division, meaning that old cells do not die when they are supposed to and new cells aren’t being produced. Thus begins the formation of a cancerous growth in the body.

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The anti-radiation and battery salvage sticker can also be applied to; digital cameras, video recorders and laptops.

Did You Know? A portion of the electromagnetic waves emitted by your mobile phone handset is absorbed by your body. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified mobile phone radiation into Group 2B; possibly carcinogenic.

With today’s increasingly frequent cell phone usage on a daily basis, it pays to protect yourself from potentially harmful radiation.

Health benefits of using an anti-radiation sticker:

  • Absorbs & transfers electromagnetic radiation waves emitted by your mobile phone or other electronic devices
  • Reduces mobile phone radiation on the human brain by 97.17%

This handy patch also offers numerous benefits for your phone:

  • Extends the service life of your battery by 2-3 times
  • Supports quicker charging; saves you up to 50% of charging time
  • Improves battery capacity & extends standby time by 0.5-2 times

In short, the anti-radiation patch helps you to stay connected for longer, while still reducing the potentially damaging effects of your mobile device.

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手機輻射主要是對人的頭部危害較大,它會對人的中樞神經系統造成機能性障礙,引起頭痛、頭昏、失眠、多夢和脫髮等症狀。 本產品採用特殊吸波素材制造,可使電磁波進行方位轉移,從而避開對人體大腦的傷害。此新型貼片已在國家通信計量站信息產業部通信計量中心經過了手機防輻射測試,可使電磁波輻射率減少96.43%。


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