Handheld Sewing Machine

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Product details of Mini Portable Household Manual Sewing Machine Handheld  (Pink)


Pocket-size type , manual operation , the sewing machine with automatic into cloth pin and adjust between elastic ‘s function , achieve professional results beautiful multicolour product uses the gift packaging , in addition to do as ideal daily use household external , also suitable as gift and etc.
You ‘ll use only few minutes mended shirt can , skirt clothing etc crack .
Even you can directly in the wearing meditated clothes carry on the sewing or patch work of You can also curtain sewing and retouched curtain the foot.

Easy fitted or patch clothing the zipper , no need to replace .
Whatever it is travel accidents , or to the postoffice mail packages darner , you easily repair .
You can make general sewing , also can sew what you like patterns
This sewing machine by leathery metal forgeability alloy plastic assembled , with sewing coil and line such as a whole set , you buy can immediately after use .
Fix hems or shorten slacks.
Works on all fabrics.
Mend a torn pocket without having to remove your pants.
Fulfills your various sewing requirements in daily life.
Small size, easy to carry and place, very convenient.
like sewing curtains while on the rod, or mending a torn pocket without having to
It’s great for quick repairs or jobs that conventional desktop machines can’t handle
Handy Stitch is the portable hand-held sewing machine








No longer do you have to send your clothes to the tailor for small repairs. Buy this Handheld Mini Sewing Machine and accomplish practically every task that a full-size sewing machine can do.

No longer do you have to confined to doing all your sewing in one room. Watch TV while you sew, or simply chat to your friends while you fix your favourite clothes.

  • Comes ready to use out of the box
  • Shaped and operates like a stapler
  • Move downwards along the material, with the same clipping action as the stapler
  • Fix rips, hem skirts and sew the bottom of your trousers
  • Fix the tears in your drapes and curtains without the hassle of taking them off the windows

This amazing portable mini sewing machine doesn’t need batteries or electricity to run. It’s so light that you can pick it up with one hand and transport it anywhere you want.

How to use :

1. Holding: suppouting the bottom of the machine with the four fingers of your right hand and them putting your thumb on the top of the machine for holding the machine tightly.
2. Threading: drawing the lisle softly from the bobbin and threading it from winding A , and the put it in the tension controller B. Then threading it through the winding C. Putting the top of the lisle beside theneedle, and then threading the lisle through the needle by using the threader. 2-3 centime-tre.
3. Lift up the clothe fastening pastening plate with right forefinger plate,and then setting down the fastening plate.
4. Pressing the top of the machine up and down and do over,then the right hand should move to right step by step and let left hand hold the cloth the controll the direction.
5. You can adjust the bolt for the optimal habitus, adjust nut fig.
6. Drawing prolate distaff and thread spindle if you want to ch-ange an big clew.After threading again and readjusting the tight and loose of lisle,you can sewing again.
7. Loose the setscrew with ascrewdrive and take off the old needle. Notice to let the flat part of needle face the invariant setscrew. Correct direction and position of needle.

Package Includes:

1 x Handheld Sewing Machine






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