2 Compartment Dish Rack

RM210.00 RM168.00

  •  Brand New And High Quality (Nano Technologi)
  • Can hold good variety of kitchen wares
  • Removable Side Mounting Mug Stand And Cutlery Holder
  • Lower Flat Surface Accommadates Glasses Or Mugs
  • Colourful Design

Product Description


Product details of  3 Compartment Dish Rack (3 Tier)

Teknologi “Nano” adalah merupakan satu teknologibaru dalam pembuatan rak pinggan, Maka terhasillah rakk pinggan ini dengan menggunakan teknologi “Nano” tersebut .Salutan bahagianluar adalah dengan warna yang cantik, menarik, berkilau dan ianya tidak mudah berkarat . Sekiranya anda membeli rak pinggan yang diperbuat dari pada Chrome, ianya tidak tahan lama. Jadi telahtiba masanya untuk anda menukar tak pinggan dari jenis yang lama kepada rak pinggan berteknologi baru ini.

Product details of  3 Compartment Dish Rack (3 Tier)

A kitchen sink is incomplete without a dish rack. Finding the right one that is truly worthy of your kitchen space is important because it determines the practicality of your dish washing chore. Right after you wash your dishes, of course you need a dish rack that holds the dishes well together and provides sufficient space.

High Quality Made from 100% High quality material (Nano Technologi), this dish drainer is very stable and can hold many dishes at one go. Cleaning the drainer is a breeze too. To avoid getting any mould or slime on the drainer and its tray, make sure you wash them regularly. Just use mild soap or the washing-up liquid to scrub the drainer and rinse them thoroughly with water.

2 Compartment Dish Rack


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